C.O.T.S. (Church on the Street)

Working with homeless individuals and those struggling with addiction is a profound and humbling experience that demands compassion, empathy, and a commitment to positive change. It involves forging connections with individuals often marginalized by society, offering them not just material support, but a spiritual foundation and a deep sense of dignity and belonging. Addressing the challenges that homelessness and addiction present requires a loving approach, blending understanding, non-judgmental support, and access to resources.
Each interaction becomes an opportunity for sharing the love of Christ. It is a collaborative effort, not just in meeting immediate needs but also in fostering long-term transformations. Working in this field is a constant reminder of the potential for positive change when communities come together with empathy and a shared commitment to love God and love others as you love yourself.
If you are interested in helping with this outreach opportunity, please complete and submit the information below.

Please contact Pastor Allen Noakes (901) 245-7484 for more information.