• MENU: Spaghetti, lasagna, chicken alfredo, garlic bread, salad, tea, brownies (pizza for kids)

  • COST: $5 per person or $20 maximum per family

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  • Special table where kids can eat and create!

  • Please sign up by Sunday, February 25!

Alabaster 75th Anniversary Year

Alabaster lays the foundations for people to worship, heal, and learn. Since its beginning, Alabaster has helped provide spaces for broken and marginalized people to find new meaning for their lives through the Church of the Nazarene and the message of transformational holiness it preaches and teaches. In many ways, Alabaster is ultimately about far more than buildings of bricks and mortar or cement and steel. It is about lives changed. This month’s Alabaster video shows the long-term impact that Alabaster funds can make possible in lives redeemed, transformed, and engaged in the further and ongoing development of the Church. It is a story that can be repeated many times, in many places, because you gave through Alabaster. Click here to download this month’s video from Brazil, South America Region.

Get your Alabaster box from the display in the lobby now and start collecting money for Alabaster. All money given to Alabaster goes toward buildings  and properties for missions around the world.
  • Pray for the Churches of the Nazarene around the world that serve the displaced, offering hope and speaking peace.
  • Pray for the many places currently experiencing the devastation of war; pray that the Church may be a visible presence and place of healing.
  • Praise God for the hope that Alabaster projects provide following the devastation of war or catastrophic events.

  • Praise God for the passion for the lost that Alabaster helps to foster in congregations that have received funding.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Nazarene missions centers around compassion, evangelism, and education.  
Nazarene missionaries partner with local ministers and lay leaders to bring restoration, share the Gospel, and build sustainability within the community.

To learn more about what the Church of the Nazarene is doing through missions around the world, click here.
If you would like to know what missions giving supports, click here.